Cradle of the Art

The Emily Carr’s South Building

Emily Carr's venue used to be situated on Granville Island on Johnson Street since 1980, and this series of images of its south building was created with a wide lens and natural light in a golden hour to create a mode of nostalgia, silence, and expectation for a new day to come.

The voices of the students, teachers, and personnel of Emily Carr University were silent in September 2017 in this building, they migrated to a modern classroom and to a smart building located at the southeast of Main Street, in the formerly False Creek industrial land. The smell of oil painting and cutting wood has vanished, and the exhibitions featuring the creativity and innovation in works from design, media, and visual arts graduates are history for Emily Carr’s alumni.

The South Building was a home of a Library at the street level, home for blossoming visual artists that enjoyed classrooms, and spacious studios with natural light, a large theatre for lectures, art discussion, and shows, the building was a home for vocational courses or class in woodworking, industrial design, and administrative offices. The South Building of Emily Carr University was designed by an international firm based in Vancouver, BC, Patkau Architects, and completed in 1993.

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